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Inexpensive Selling Tips to make Your Home Marketable in Katy Dec 2015 and 2016

Inexpensive  Selling Tips to make Your Home Marketable in Katy Dec 2015 and 2016


Numerous times during the past years or any given year I have been asked is there anything I can do that is quick and easy and fairly inexpensive to make our home more attractive to potential buyers? The answer is yes and there will be some of these easy suggestions which will entail spending a little money but none of these should require a significant amount of cash. If the expense becomes large in terms of dollars and time then you should consider delaying the listing of your home until you have a professional fix these bigger issues.


Easy Selling Tips to make Your Home Marketable in Katy 2015


I know virtually every Realtor has their very own list of these types of items. If your Realtor has a different list to follow then listen to your Realtor's advice unless you are totally dissatisfied with this person’s performance and or suggestions.


Here is my quick and what I term easy items a seller can fairly easily correct before attempting to list their home:


A.   Clean all of your home’s windows inside and out. Clean the screens.

B.   Paint or even touch up the exterior plus fix all damaged screens.

C.   Curb appeal is extremely important all year round. Make sure the front of your home tells everyone .. Wow this place looks wonderful and invites them to come inside to look. Add mulch to your beds and plant colorful flowers. Pull all weeds and get rid of fallen tree limbs . Make sure grass is cut and front yard is very neat.

D.   Clear all dead tree branches from both front, back and sides of the home and remove these from the premises.

E.  Clear out all closets and make space inside. Get rid of stuff blocking entering or leaving the closet. Make sure closet lights and door handles are operational.

F.  Get rid of clutter throughout the home and garage. Rent storage space if necessary or think about a POD. Minimize stuff on the tops of counters.

G.   The old adage less is more theory especially applies to furniture. Place extra furniture in storage , sell it or give it to off the payroll children. The less furniture in a room then the bigger the room usually appears.

H.  Power wash the driveway, sidewalks and patio areas. Remove trash of any kind from driveway and fro0m behind the garage.

I.   Clean all lawn furniture and eliminate clutter from the entire back yard. Throw away all the miscellaneous crap stored in the back of your garage or side of the home

J.  If you own a pool fix all issues and make sure your water is crystal clear and blue in color.

K.  Make sure all doors, locks and windows work very smoothly. repaid if needed.

L. Clean garage and throw away or give away unneeded items. Collect and donate items to Salvation Army,  Goodwill Industries or Katy Christian Ministries or to any charity of your choice.

M.  Closets should have plenty of space between hanging clothes. Store or donate or sell in a garage sale all clothing articles you will never fit into again or are totally out of style! If you have worn something in last 2 years get rid of it.

N.  Make sure all pets such as dogs and cats plus toys are out of the way for any and all visitors.

O.  Eliminate bad odors in the home and stop cooking smelly foods for a while. Clean out the cat litter box and make sure it smells fresh every day.

P.  Repair all wall areas, re-caulk bathrooms, kitchen areas and windows in need.

Q.   Vacuum carpets and or clean the carpets. Consider cleaning the grout if you have tile floors plus clean the tile.

R. Remove excess storage items from attic area and never store flammables in any attic space. I have seen this happen several times!

S. Make sure front door works properly as well as outside lights. Keys should open or lack doors easily.


If you any questions about these items or selling your home call me and let us discuss how we can market your home and sell it in Katy Texas.


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Easy Selling Tips to make Your Home Marketable in Katy 2015

Published Friday, December 18, 2015 11:44 AM by Bob Gilbert

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