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April 14, 2015 Job Fair & Career Expo in Houston

April 14, 2015 Job Fair & Career Expo in Houston  


NRG Center - Hall E

8400 Kirby Dr.

Houston TX



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Houston Chronicle and Monster.com are sponsoring a free Hire Houston job fair and career expo on Tuesday April 14, 2015. Admission is free and parking is $3. The parking charge at NRG is normally a lot higher. This event will begin 10 AM and last until 3 PM. The fair is being held at NRG Center Hall E and is located at the address shown above.


Exhibitors will include a wide range of companies including firms looking for Engineering, Professional, Oil and Gas Professional, Healthcare/Nursing applicants. All Engineering and Oil and Gas candidates need to have two years previous work experience in field  they are applying for and Healthcare/Nursing have to have education or previous work experience in Healthcare or Nursing.


Career Advancement seminars include Communication & Leadership, Job Search Strategies, and career counseling covering resumes and other topics will be available to attendees.


If you need a job or want to make a change in your job this has got to be event you want to attend. Numerous individuals who were working in the Oil and gas industry have already been laid off due to lower oil prices and are in need of new positions. This Fair is advertised as Houston’s largest job fair.


NRG Center is an easy drive from Katy in non-rush traffic and certainly is doable if you need a job or a new job!


My advice is to show up dressed appropriately, have an excellent positive attitude, good copies of resumes readily available and be ready to interview on the spot.


Looking for a job is never easy and becomes or should become a full time job plus for anyone who is out of work. It is harder to look for  a new job than the effort expended when you already have a job!


April 14, 2015 Job Fair & Career Expo in Houston



Published Thursday, April 9, 2015 4:31 PM by Bob GILBERT

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