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Katy ISD has Three (3) High Schools in Top National Rankings

Katy ISD has Three (3) High Schools in Top National Rankings

US News publishes an annual list of the Best High Schools rankings in the nation each year in the spring. Its latest rankings released in late April 2014 found three (3) Katy Independent School District ( Katy ISD) High Schools making it into the National Rankings. Katy ISD has seven (7) High Schools in total but Tompkins High School is too new to be ranked as its first graduating class will be in year 2016. .

Per  U.S. News own press announcements, its Best High Schools Rankings plus other data offers the most comprehensive information available on public high schools in the U.S. Their 2014 edition includes profiles on more than 19,400 high schools and rankings of the nation’s 4,707 highest-scoring schools across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As previously mentioned three Katy ISD High Schools were among the highest ranked schools in the country. US News data is very comprehensive. The National Rankings are for schools ranked in the top 4,700 in the nation.

Seven Lakes High School had the best ranking of the Katy Schools as it was ranked number 365 on a National basis and number 43 in the State of Texas. Total enrollment is over 3,700 students and there are over 190 full time teachers. Seven Lakes was awarded a Gold Medal for its performance. Katy ISD has approximately 18,300 students enrolled in its 7 High Schools. Big Shout Out to Seven Lakes Students and faculty. My two stepsons both graduated from this fine school.

IMG_0038 (2) (600x450) ip.jpg

Cinco Ranch High School was ranked number 594 on a National basis and number 69 in the state of Texas. It was awarded a Silver Medal for its academic performance. Cinco Ranch has an enrollment of over 3, 000 students with approximately 158 full time teachers. Congrats to the Cinco Ranch students and faculty for its fine academic showing.

DSCN0705 (500x375) IP.jpg

Taylor High School which is one of older Katy ISD High Schools was ranked number 1,125 on a National Basis and number 116 in the State of Texas. Taylor has an enrollment of approximately 2,750 students and has approximately 150 full time teachers. Congrats to Taylor High School for its continued academic excellence.  

DSCN1807 (500x375) ip.jpg

One of the key reasons folks move to Katy is so their children can attend these excellent schools making up the Katy ISD system. If you are looking for a home in the Katy area contact me so we can get started and get your children or grandchildren eligible to attend these wonderful Katy ISD schools.

Katy ISD has Three (3) High Schools in Top National Rankings

Published Tuesday, November 4, 2014 4:27 PM by Bob GILBERT

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