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Blogging Yesterday November 1, 2014 was Difficult at Best

Blogging Yesterday November 1, 2014 was Difficult at Best


We went to San Antonio to celebrate the life of my Mother-in-Law who passed away on All Saints Day five years ago. We left from Katy on Friday October 31 or Halloween as we wanted to spend time at cemetery on Saturday or All Saints Day which we did. My Father-in Law lives with us and has even before Yolanda's mom went to her next life with the lord. It is always an emotional time when we visit her grave and this trip was no exception. Yolanda wrote a blog in memory of her Mom. We all had a great time and the weather was as perfect as you can get in Texas. I know her Mom was very Happy we were there.


Blogging Yesterday November 1, 2014 was Difficult at Best


I read when we got back to the hotel late yesterday afternoon about the November 30 blogs in 30 days Challenge. I was not planning to blog yesterday but finding out about the Challenge changed my mind. I did not bring my Laptop and only had my IPad to use. My Laptop is difficult to take on any trip due to size and weight.  I have always had issues with trying to write and use my IPad and yesterday was  no exception. Liking comments made by other members of AR took numerous tries and a lot longer time than normal. I wrote the post directly on ActiveRain and not like I usually do by using Google Chrome and copying to ActiveRain and elsewhere.


Blogging Yesterday November 1, 2014 was Difficult at Best


I could not get the picture I took at Panchitos Restaurant in San Antonio of the delicious enchiladas I had for lunch to post. I got this strange message about the picture had to have a unique name? I had never used or posted any pictures from Panchitos and I have never seen this message before.I am still confused. Getting the blog completed was difficult at best. Writing comments on other folks blog with the IPad was problematic at best. Several times the first go of trying to post a comment did not work?


Blogging Yesterday November 1, 2014 was Difficult at Best


All pictures of San Antonio taken by and copyrighted by Bob Gilbert with all rights reserved.


I want to tell everyone I am sorry for the blog yesterday and sorry about comments I left or did not leave due to issues. No worries we are home again and everything is good. My picture for some reason no longer shows up on comments i write on other folks posts and my own comments. I have no idea why?


Blogging Yesterday November 1, 2014 was Difficult at Best


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Published Tuesday, November 4, 2014 4:33 PM by Bob GILBERT

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