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The Ten Friendliest Cities in USA - Who is Number 1?

The Ten Friendliest Cities in USA - Who is Number 1?


The Ten Friendliest Cities in USA - Who is Number 1?


Above picture of Austin TX. taken by and copyrighted by Bob Gilbert with all rights reserved.


I came across a list of the friendliest cities in the United States in Men’s Health this month. I have subscribed for many years  and it is a wonderful publication. No New York City, Chicago and LA are on the top 10 list. Everyone is shocked to read these three are not shown! Maybe they would make the unfriendliest list! ::))). I have lived in Chicago and I know exactly what it is like!


The friendliest city is Minneapolis MN and I know my friends who live in the area already knew or suspected as much. However, that area is not done as St. Paul MN. is number 4. It is said that living Minneapolis finds no one living more than 6 blocks from a park and these fantastic parks become meeting grounds for folks to make friends and connect the whole community. My guess is St. Paul is probably very similar.


Many years ago the local meeting places in Chicago and surrounding areas tended to be a local tavern. I do not know about now in Chic town but there is a huge difference between a bar and a park being the meeting and hanging out location.


Austin TX is number 2 on the list and this does not surprise me. Austin and San Antonio plus surrounding areas have numerous friendly folks and contain some of our own personal favorite places to go to and have fun. That whole area is wonderful.


Here is the complete list:


  1. Minneapolis, MN

  2. Austin, TX.

  3. San Diego, CA ( no surprise here)

  4. St. Paul , MN.

  5. Milwaukee, WI.

  6. Kansas City, MO.

  7. New Orleans, LA

  8. Washington, DC ( All our DC friends are cheering right now)

  9. Boston, MA

  10. Columbus, OH


Katy TX and Houston TX did not make the top 10 and that is absolutely no surprise to me. Some folks in Katy have an extremely high opinions of themselves and are very self centered. Truth sometimes can hurt.


If you want the complete list go to here.

The Ten Friendliest Cities in USA - Who is Number 1?



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Published Tuesday, October 7, 2014 4:40 PM by Bob GILBERT

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