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Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Contains Numerous Natural Minerals

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Contains Numerous Natural Minerals


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Contains Numerous Natural Minerals

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Pink Himalayan Sea Salt believe it or not is mined with a pickaxe from man-made caves in the Himalaya Mountains. The salt origin comes oceans naturally forming the salt deposits about 250 Million years ago even though today it is mined from these mountains. Many experts believe this sea salt is the purest as it was naturally formed before man had polluted the seas. The pink color is due to the fact this Sea Salt contains numerous natural minerals. Since this is *** Cancer Awareness month, I thought a post about Pink Sea Salt was appropriate!


Several health organizations have widely reported the human body needs a low amount of sodium or salt on a daily basis. Our bodies need the salt to conduct nerve impulses, relaxing and constricting muscles and assist with maintaining a balance between water and minerals in our bodies.


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt contains 84 natural minerals which I think is a huge number.


Now before anyone rushes out to but this sea salt all should know a small amount of sodium in our bodies on a daily basis goes a long way. My uneducated medical opinion is that if you work out and sweat a lot you might need additional amounts of sodium but check with your doctor. Numerous studies have shown high levels of salt in anyone's diet can lead to severe health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.


The Centers for Disease Control and and Prevention recommends having no more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day. I believe this is a very low number and actually very hard to attain. Check food labels carefully and you will be amazed as to the sodium levels in household staples such as canned soup. look for the organic soups and still check sodium levels.


I have been following what I term as calorie management program since Feb 1, 2014 and I now read the labels of everything I buy and eat. I had previously attended a nutrition class at a Katy local library several months ago and asked about sea salt. The instructor’s opinion is all salt is  bad for you. Obviously Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has all these minerals and in small amounts might be beneficial in addition to adding taste. Once again all individuals need to check with their respective doctors before they make any rash dietary decisions.


I did purchase this Pink Sea Salt recently and used a small amount on some foods. It does add a fantastic flavor. I am not concerned at this point in time with my sodium levels as my blood work came out just fine when recently tested.  


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Contains Numerous Natural Minerals


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Published Tuesday, October 07, 2014 4:57 PM by Bob GILBERT

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