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Having Trouble getting a Realtor in Katy to contact you? Contact Me!

Having Trouble getting a Realtor in Katy to contact you? Contact Me!


Having Trouble getting a Realtor in Katy to contact you? Contact Me!


Yesterday, I received notice that a new potential client had visited my web site and his family is relocating to the Katy area. The husband’s company will be opening a new Texas office for his company. My new contact is moving here as he has the most knowledge of his company and was hand selected to assist with the opening of this facility and develop the business here in Texas.


I called my new potential client late yesterday afternoon. This turned out to be fortunate as I caught him with some available time to talk as he was out with his friends. He told me he was surprised that I called him back so soon as it was the afternoon of the day he visited my web site. He told me his CEO could not get anyone from Katy to contact him  back as he guessed everyone is TOO BUSY to call or Email back to a potential client. I am never TOO BUSY!  


This is at least the second time I have had someone tell me other agents in Katy ignored as this specific prospect as he guessed the family price point budget was TOO LOW for these other agents.


I told my potential new client  yesterday I always get back to potential clients and clients via cell, landline, Email or even text on a prompt basis. I will tell him I will be more than happy to not only assist his family but also the  CEO’s family!


Anyone who has been having trouble getting communications from agents or Realtors in Katy contact me. I am always busy but I find a way and time to contact folks who want or need assistance.


Above picture taken by and copyrighted by Bob Gilbert.


Having Trouble getting a Realtor in Katy to contact you? Contact Me!


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Published Tuesday, October 07, 2014 4:38 PM by Bob GILBERT

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