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Almost Wordless Wednesday - Grain Elevators in Old Katy

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Grain Elevators in Old Katy


Almost Wordless Wednesday - Grain Elevators in Old Katy


Picture taken by and copyrighted by Bob Gilbert with all rights reserved.


On a previous blog I posted a picture of the grain silos in Old Katy where No Label Brewery makes its home. Several folks commented on the elevators and there appears to be interest.  I found a another picture which gives everyone a fuller view.


These grain elevators are a Old Katy landmark and can be seen fairly far in the distance. They are so conspicuous in the rural landscape even to this day but they are hardly noticed by the locals. As far as I am aware, these elevators have not been use

in several years except for No Label Brewing bringing their operations to the elevators within the last 3 years or so.  


Katy became a small city in 1893 when the railroad was built connecting Houston to San Antonio. Agriculture was the main source of commerce and work in the area for many years.  


Almost Wordless Wednesday - Grain Elevators in Old Katy



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Published Tuesday, September 02, 2014 4:37 PM by Bob GILBERT

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