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“Painting Makes Me Happy Hour” at Multiplicity in Katy

“Painting Makes Me Happy Hour” at Multiplicity in Katy


1306 Avenue A

Katy, Texas (OLD Katy) 77493


Painting Makes Me happy Hour at Multiplicity in Katy

( Note above picture taken by and copyright by Bob Gilbert with all rights reserved)

One of many objectives I have for my blog is to cover a very wide variety of topics and things to do in the Katy plus surrounding areas. I tell all my clients and a potential clients, Katy has virtually everything one could want or need without leaving the area and that includes activities for adults ,children and pets. This painting session is another example among numerous of the diversified array of activities one could participate in when living in the Katy.  


Multiplicity is holding a “ Painting Makes Me Happy Hour” event.  This is a BYOB class. Participants will learn to paint a butterfly. This event is being held on  Tuesday August 19, 2014. The session begins at 7 PM and lasts until 9 PM. The cost is $40 per person and advance registration is absolutely necessary. Space is limited like most of the classes held at Multiplicity. A similar class to this one will be held on the  third Tuesday of every month. These painting events are usually a sell out.


th (2).jpg


Above picture of a butterfly painting courtesy of Bing free to share, modify and use pictures.


Multiplicity teaches  a wide array art related classes and workshops and all of their classes are taught by talented, experienced and local instructions whose passion is to create new things and teach others.  


If anyone wants for information about Multiplicity and or their classes call 832-437-2442 or Email the  or visit theirweb site.


“Painting Makes Me Happy Hour” at Multiplicity in Katy





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Published Friday, August 22, 2014 3:40 PM by Bob GILBERT

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