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Katy ISD Wi-Fi Guide 2014-2015

Katy ISD Wi-Fi Guide 2014-2015


Katy ISD Wi-Fi Guide 2014-2015


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Katy ISD offers students and faculty a filtered Katy Public Wi-Fi on all of its campuses. Students from grades 2-12 can bring to school and use for educational purposes and instruction their own person device. Students are expected to access the Katy filtered Wi-Fi.


All users of the Katy Public Wi-Fi have filtered Internet access similar to what they would have if using a district owned device.


Students from grades 2-12 can bring their own technology device such as netbook, cell phone, tablet notebook, etc. All devices will be used in the various classrooms at the sole discretion of the individual teacher


Katy ISD has numerous online educational resources and these resources can be accessed at anytime a student has access to the internet.


All individuals who connect to Katy Public Wi-Fi accept the terms as shown in the Katy ISD Responsible Use Guidelines. Students are expected to use this system and accept responsibility plus follow the Use Guidelines.


Any technology device brought to school is the sole responsibility of the specific student.The school district and the individual schools assume no responsibility for these devices. All these devices are subject to investigation by following School District Policy.


All devices brought to campus have to be put on silent or vibrate mode.


I think this is an excellent policy and I hope students follow the rules without disrupting classes.  


Katy ISD Wi-Fi Guide 2014-2015


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Published Monday, August 18, 2014 5:04 PM by Bob GILBERT

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