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Features I would Like to See in a Brand New Home in Katy

Features I would Like to See in a Brand New Home in Katy


Features I would Like to See in a Brand New Home in Katy


Beazer Homes and their Choice Plans section has teamed with ActiveRain to create a June Challenge for ActiveRain members to write an article about features we would want to see in a brand new home we would build from dirt.


There are numerous features I would want in a new home we would build for our family. We are at a different stage of life than most of our clients as our youngest son ( my stepson) is 20 years old to be 21 shortly and he is the last child still living at home. He recently obtained his Pilot’s license and is now working on a Commercial license. My father-in-law lives with us. We would want a one story home with many features. Most of my clients and my wife’s clients still have school age children at home. Their needs and wants are different than ours. However, I see some trends which overlap with what we would want and what our clients would want.


I see numerous folks who want excellent outdoor living facilities in their current homes and in any new home they would build. Even though the weather here in the summer time can be unbearable, fall, winter and spring usually gives most of us many days and nights to enjoy our backyard. These features certainly mean a large covered patio is the initial starting point. Adding a good sound system to the patio and an outdoor TV/entertainment system is also part of the mix. The sound system means the patio is already is wired for outdoor speakers and has several electrical outlets to accommodate all the potential entertainment devices.  It still amazes me to this day as I see several homes being built in Katy and in Houston which do not have a covered patio as a standard feature. Our home had to be  redesigned back in 1998 to add a covered patio. A new home with a complete Smart System with security and other individually selected features  would do the trick I believe.


Cooking outside and grilling is frankly a way of life here in Texas and certainly a huge in Katy. An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition or simply an high end gas grill will serve the purpose.  


After the above are added to the outdoor living space then it becomes more of a taste of the individuals involved. Many folks here want to include a pool in their backyard and Katy including where I live in Grand Lakes finds many homes with a pool in the backyard. Some folks would want a pond with a waterfall while others would be happy with an outdoor heated spa. The backyard space needs to be large enough to allow a pool or whatever to be built.


My main feature as I discussed is to give a new home builder or owner who bought a spec home a outstanding outdoor living features. Based on my own research I believe is ability is coveted in other areas of the country.


Please Note: Beazer Homes and Taylor Morrison are jointly developing and right now selling homes in Churchill Farms Katy. This is the reason I posted the above picture. Anyone interseted in Churchill Farms please contact me.


Features I would Like to See in a Brand New Home in Katy



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Published Tuesday, June 24, 2014 3:41 PM by Bob Gilbert

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