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Houston Astros Open Season Today and will be a Contender!

Houston Astros Open Season Today and will be a Contender!


Baseball season in Houston starts today and with most opening days excitement runs high. The relatively new and maybe primary owner of the Astros Jim Crane was on the radio today telling everyone he will be disappointed if the Astros do not have at least a 81 wins and 81 loss season. The Houston Chronicle wrote an article recently where he said the Astros could be contenders with all their young talent! Astros Fans would be elated and totally shocked with either situation. If you live in Katy getting to an Astros Game is usually no big deal as the stadium is located in downtown Houston.

Houston Astros Open Season Today and will be a Contender!

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APRIL FOOLS!!! Sorry Astros fans but the 2014 Astros will still suck like they have for the last 3 seasons in a row. If you really think this team will be a contender in 2014, we need to talk as I have a lot in Florida I want to discuss your potential buying interest! Of course this is in my personal opinion. I am still allowed to have my own opinion? Correct? I figure this team will maybe win more games than last year which means they only have to win 52 games.  During the last 3 debacle years, the Astros have lost 324 games which puts this group in 3 rd place on the all time losers list of MLB history! Their winning percentages in the last 3 years have been .315; .339; .346 starting with 2013. The Cleveland Indians have been in the baseball business for 113 years and have only ONE season with a winning percentage lower than .350. The Astros have been in baseball business for 53 years. There are several other examples of the same statistic but I think I have made my point. The owners, MLB and the City of Houston are lucky some season ticket holder who is  lawyer does not sue all parties for the LASTROS impersonating a Major League team for 3 years in a row. I have said they are so bad if they played in a good AA league they would have been one of the worst teams in the league for all three years.  


The new owner, however, has made one incredibly smart move last year when he hired Reed Ryan to head up the business part of running the Astros. Reed is Nolan Ryan Hall of Fame pitcher’s son. Nolan at the time of his son’s hiring was running the Rangers. I had a feeling he would be joining his son and guess what..  he did join his son as a special advisor. Nolan has a great baseball mind. I know another John Madden ( master of the obvious) comment. Tonight, Nolan will be behind home plate in the seats watching intently all the Astros pitchers. Obviously Nolan knows a lot about both baseball and pitching. In my mind the jury is still when evaluating the current General Manager but with two Ryans on board to help run this team the future is finally looking a lot better.


The Astros farm system is now supposedly loaded with talent with several potential stars looming and waiting for their chance. I think 2015 will be fairly good year but not a contender yet if this General Manger does screw things up by trading away young talent for washed up experienced veteran players.


Its time to play ball and let see how our beloved Lastros ..  I mean Astros do this year!  

Houston Astros Open Season Today and will be a Contender


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Published Monday, April 7, 2014 4:52 PM by Bob Gilbert

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