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Who in Katy will Believe I made 800 K AR Points?

Who in Katy will Believe I made 800 K AR Points?

Yesterday I hit another Active Rain key milestone by attaining the 800 K point level. If I look back at my Active Rain life span I just hit the 100 K point level during early July 2011. I know there are numerous folks who have or are right now piling up points a lot faster than I am. However, I still work two jobs with Real Estate being my second priority. In addition, I do not have an assistant or belong to one of these "Teams". I do everything myself. One of the salient reasons folks should select me to be their Realtor!

One of the things I have learned from my AR experience is to keep trying everyday and perseverance in the long run will win the battle. There are so many different reasons to keep participating. I could list a large number but since I am right now riding in our car on the way to a family event and I will keep this short and simple. Active Rain is loaded with top notch professionals who cn teach folks like me numerous new important skills and added to my knowledge base. Participating makes me a much better Realtor and maybe even better person. 

Thanks for reading my pat myself on the back post. 

Published Thursday, September 26, 2013 4:50 PM by Bob Gilbert

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