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Mo's Place Katy Live Music with The Emotions

Mo's Place Katy Live Music with The Emotions


Mo’s Place which is located at 21940 Kingsland Katy TX. will be presenting live music on Thursday September 5 , 2013 played by The Emotions. This band plays Country, Rock and Hip Hop music. The Emotions will be playing starting at 9:30 PM and lasting until 1:30 PM.


This performance requires all attendees to be 21 years of age or older. Mo’s Place is a bar, dance floor and live music venue in Katy and has been in the same location for many years now.


Mo’s has proper attire and Dance floor requirements. The attire requirements are NO tank tops; NO bandannas; NO sports caps or baseball caps on backwards. The Dance floor etiquette consists of NO standing on the dance floor; NO drinks on the dance floor. There is a zero tolerance and Mo’s will throw you out and not let you back in again if you violate their rules. These folks do not fool around.

I can not say I have heard this group or know anything about them. If you like live music and can afford to get up late on Friday this maybe the place to be on Thursday evening assuming you are an adult 21 or over. I do like that Mo’s has strict rules and they enforce these rules.

Mo's Place Katy Live Music with The Emotions


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Published Tuesday, September 10, 2013 3:31 PM by Bob Gilbert

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