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Methodist West Katy Holds Men's Health Seminar and Prostate Screening

Methodist West Katy Holds Men's Health Seminar and Prostate Screening


Houston Methodist West Hospital will hold a Men’s Health seminar and prostate screening on Wednesday September 25, 2013. Urologists Dr. Wesley Ekeruo and David Mobley will conduct a seminar featuring a discussion as how men can preserve their health and remain disease free through screenings and specific treatments designed for men.  The session will start at 4 PM and last until 6 PM. Methodist West is offering prostate screening PSA finger stick for $34.00 per person. Only debit and credit cards will be accepted for payment as no cash or checks will be allowed.  

Methodist Hospital strongly stands by longstanding medical guidelines which suggest all Men over 50 years of age should have annual Prostate screenings and exams.



Methodist also believes African American Menshould start these annual screenings and exams at age 40.



I personally have read numerous medical journals and health magazines that indicate if any  man lives long enough he will eventually develop Prostate Cancer and that will end his life if something else does not before the prostate cancer does! Scary I know but that is a strong fact these days.


Methodist Hospital is located at 18500 Katy Freeway, Houston Texas 77094.

The event will be held in the Mesquite Conference Room.  


For additional information and to register  Call 832-522-5522 or visit theirweb site.



This is a very important health service which Methodist is providing to the entire Katy Texas and Houston communities.  The local Katy Hospitals for the last several years have been holding several different health related seminars instructing residents how to prevent illness or screen for serious health issues. I personally believe all Men need to be tested if they are over the stated ages. I also have heard from folks I know that if the Prostate cancer is in your family genes then you should be screened every year regardless of how old you are.


Methodist West Katy Holds Men's Health Seminar and Prostate Screening



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Published Tuesday, September 10, 2013 3:48 PM by Bob Gilbert

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