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Sometimes being a Realtor is similar to taking Chocolates from a Box

Sometimes being a  Realtor is similar to taking Chocolates from a Box


Many folks may remember a fairly famous movie where the main character said in a often quoted line something to the effect that “Life is like taking a piece of candy from a box of chocolates as you never know what you will get”. Today I found an Email in my inbox that made me think being a Realtor is sometimes just like that fairly famous line from the movie.


I received an Email from some folks who live in another state. It starts with them complimenting me on my web site. the Email came from my web site. These folks want to move from that state to katy but will have to lease a home for at least a one year time period. OK i still have some questions to ask with hurdles regarding leasing but I am fine with everything so far.


Then the Email goes on to say that this family is heavily upside down with their mortgage. They filed for bankruptcy a little over two years ago with the home included. They cannot do a short sale as the home is too buried in debt. They want someone to advise them what can they do? They are ready to leave for Texas and Katy by this fall.  They want me to instruct them how to extricate themselves from their horrible position. Of course they hint they would use me as their Realtor.


After reading this request I felt sorry for them. I am both a Realtor and CPA. I am only licensed in Texas for both professions. I am not a lawyer. Texas has strict rules and regulations regarding Realtors or for that matter CPA’s not in fact or appearance practicing law in any fashion. My advice to them is simple to hire professionals in your state. I know this is not what they want me to say.


What I cannot figure out is why these folks would think I could somehow help them out of their mess. I am good at what I do but I am not a miracle worker and or an attorney! If these folks lived anywhere in Texas I would have the same advice. In my opinion I would tell them to look for a  licensed (in their state) Real Estate attorney who would understand all the complexities of their problem and issues. After getting the attorney’s advice then maybe depending on the answer from the attorney they could seek a Realtor who is licensed in their state. Getting away completely free from their obligations is an unknown.


Being a Realtor many times in my opinion is like reaching into a box of chocolates as you never know what you end up with until you bite into the candy. I am writing this blog as this si not the first time I have had someone want me to solve their legal and financial problems.

Me pulling my hair out once again

Sometimes being a  Realtor is similar to taking Chocolates from a Box

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Published Saturday, August 3, 2013 3:43 PM by Bob Gilbert

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