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New Costco Store to be Built in Katy

New Costco Store to be Built in Katy

Recently the Houston City Council voted to give provide Costco with incentives of over $1 Million to build a new store in Katy. The new store will be built on the southeast corner of the Grand Parkway or Highway 99 and I -10 f intersection off of the feeder road. I really do not understand all the politics going on or how the City of Houston gets involved.The key here in my mind is the convenience of a new Costco store right here in katy and pretty convenient to all of us who live in Grand Lakes.

The new development will be a mixed use commercial center. Costco will be given tax reimbursements for funds they expended to build or improve infrastructure. This deal will bring in a large amount of tax revenue to the City of Houston. this will take place as the new Costco location will be on land controlled by the City of Houston. Anyone shopping at this Costco will have to pay a 1% city of Houston sales tax. the funds will be spent by the City of Houston for the City’s benefit and not for Katy.

It looks like City of Houston Mayor Annise Parker beat the City of katy to the draw when discussions about store location arose. Originally Costco wa going to build on land controlled by the City of Katy. Mayor Parker intervened and stopped this progression of building on Katy controlled land by offering the mentioned incentives.

It would be nice if City of Katy got the sales revenue but in my personal opinion since we all live in unincorporated areas out here and City of Houston could annex all of us I would rather have ( any day) this situation of Costco sales tax going to Houston than the nonsense of the City trying to annex all of us. As with most major cities the City of Houston is always short of budget funds and looking for new revenue sources.

I wonder if the City of Kasty could turn around and make a new offer to Costco to build on their land?

New Costco Store to be Built in Katy

Published Saturday, August 3, 2013 3:27 PM by Bob Gilbert

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