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Incy 500 Paid Special Tribute to Boston Marathon Runners


Indy 500 Paid Special Tribute to Boston Marathon Runners

I was very fortunate that I was able to attend this year’s Indy 500 held on Sunday May 26,2013. Our good friend has had tickets since the late 1990’s and has asked me several times to go. I usually have too many conflicts but this year I just decided to go as life is too short and frankly I work too much. The Indy 500 is really something to see in person. One of the tributes the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) paid this race was to all the Boston Marathon Runners who could not finish the race in front of a big crowd run in front of the race crowd on national TV.

This was my first auto race of any fashion I have ever attended. The race was one of the best in the at least 20 years and probably one of the best in its history.  The speed of those cars is something you absolutely have to experience in person as television does not accurately capture just fast the action takes place.



Before the race got started, the IMS paid special tribute to all the Boston Marathon runners who did not get to finish the race due to the cowardly terrorist attack. The runners who were not injured were allowed to run on the racetrack as a group.I want to tell you that the race crowd were all on their feet yelling, applauding, cheering these folks on. The noise level from the crowd was extremely loud. I understand that several runners who were injured and could not attempt to run were attending the race as special guests of IMS.  It was a very special moment and the folks in Indiana showed how much support they have for the entire Boston Strong group and America. It made me feel very proud.  

I know there are still several men and women and children who are recuperating in hospitals or at home from the injuries they all received from the attack. I think all of us need to think about those poor individuals along with those that lost their lives and their family members and pray for them to the God of your choice.  

Indy 500 Paid Special Tribute to Boston Marathon Runners


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Published Wednesday, June 05, 2013 3:04 PM by Bob Gilbert

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