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Off Road Vehicle Vandalism in Grand Lakes Katy

Off Road Vehicle Vandalism in Grand Lakes Katy


Last night some folks drove an off road 4 wheeler which has large tires all through common areas in Grand Lakes. There is a large amount of damage. My guess is this vehicle is probably used to hunt and the damage was done by probably two teenage boys who most likely were drunk and thought this was funny.


Please keep you eyes out for this type of vehicle driving through the neighborhood. You can leave me an anonymous voice mail message or E-mail. I get these phony E-mail from supposed homebuyers on a regular basis so it is not difficult to do. Whoever these idiots are they need to get caught and have to take responsibility for their reckless and destructive behavior.

Damage in Grand Lakes



The tire prints left by this vehicle are distinctive and a friend of mine who works in law enforcement told me they can be matched to the offending vehicle fairly easily. The only way to stop this crap is to catch the offenders and make sure they get punished by paying for the damage or going to jail or both.


Message to the offenders in case they read this blog.. Does your Mommy and Daddy wipe your butt or what? These idiots with high probability snuck out of the home last night and went crazy on this 4 wheeler. Maybe Mom and dad were not home. Who knows and frankly it does not matter. I just want these idiots to feel the pressure and some pain. Grow up quick as with the path you are taking right now jail is not far behind you.


This is the second case of vandalism in Grand Lakes this week. A car was also damaged by some creeps and who maybe it is the same group. If the owners agree I will write a separate blog about that incident.

Vandalism in Grand Lakes



Folks who live in this area please reblog or post this blog on all Social Media as I want to turn the heat up.


Off Road Vehicle Vandalism in Grand Lakes Katy



Vandalism Grand Lakes


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Published Monday, April 15, 2013 4:21 PM by Bob Gilbert

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