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Hoping to Improve My Health in Katy Update #2

Hoping to Improve My Health in Katy Update #2


Active Rain (AR)  Rainmaker Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh issued a challenge to the AR members to set a health goal and blog about what the goal is a month later tell everyone how you are doing and a final blog after two months as to how you did during this time to meet your goal. I have set a goal to effectively use my CPAP machine every night  as I suffer from severe Sleep Apnea.

At one stretch of the sleep study conducted so the sleep Doctors knew how severe the issue are, the sleep expert told me I stopped breathing for 80 seconds and this I do not mind saying this scared me. Obviously I have to use this machine just to stay alive.


This post is my second update and last post for this challenge. The good news is that as difficult as it has been I have been using my CPAP machine to sleep every night. I do not just fall asleep without warning any more and I seem to have more overall  energy. Every night’s sleep in an adventure trying to deal with the machine mask tight on your face and being attached to a hose. Sleep positions are a nightly struggle and will probably be like that forever as I really do not believe I will ever get totally use to the whole CPAP operation. The alternatives of not using are severe and ones I would rather not even think about let alone deal with the consequences.


The bad news is that I am still dealing with a major eye issue in both eyes. I developed a staph infection on both my face/nose and in both eyes back in January right after I started using the CPAP. The infection was the direct result of using this machine. This staph infection went away but the eye issues have lingered on as some new problem is now present and not the staph infection. This week I went to a new eye specialist and the diagnosis is that I now have eye lid margin disease which is No Bueno. I have been to the eye doctor about 5 times since mid-January and frankly I am getting weary of dealing with ALL DOCTORS.


A small sampling of the various eye medicines I have had to use


The eye lid margin disease was brought on by the staph infection as I have never had any issues with eyes except having to wear glasses since freshmen year in College. This eye lid disease of course has no cure and now I am taking a new antibiotic plus going through a new eye treatment ritual at least twice a day with more heavy duty steroid eye drops being put into my eyes 4 times a day. Since I started this new routine my eyes feel better.  


Some of you are probably thinking so what and Bob man up and stop being a baby complaining about the eyelid problem. The disease takes away the natural water and eye liquid present in healthy eyes and replaces it with what the eye Doctor said as an is like cottage cheese. The eyes feel like someone is rubbing sandpaper across them when the eye needs the natural liquid.

A real concern for me of course having some permanent eye damage occur which affects my sight. The daily eye ritual lasts about one month and then back again to the specialist who took real joy pointing out the permanent scar the staph infection left on my nose.


Hoping to Improve My Health in Katy Update #2


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Published Wednesday, March 27, 2013 5:12 PM by Bob Gilbert

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