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Striving to Improve My Health in Katy Update #1

Striving to Improve My Health in Katy Update #1

Active Rain (AR)  Rainmaker Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh issued a challenge to the AR members to set a health goal and blog about what the goal is, a month later tell everyone how you are doing and a final blog after two months as to how you did during this time to meet your goal. I have set a goal to effectively use my CPAP machine every night  as I suffer from severe Sleep Apnea. At one stretch of the sleep study conducted so the sleep Doctors knew how severe the issue are, the sleep expert told me I stopped breathing for 80 seconds and this I do not mind saying this scared me. Obviously I have to use this machine just to stay alive.

This blog is my first update which as discussed above is part of this challenge. My first blog of this three part series can be found here. I told everyone in this first post that I had developed a staph infection on face and in both of my eyes from using the CPAP  machine. The staph infection,  after visits to both my regular Doctor and my eye Doctor, and taking several medications, spending some serious bucks and using eye drops finally went away. I still have two scars on my nose from the staph infection.

Unfortunately I am still battling with my eyes. I had to go back to my eye Doctor as the issues with both eyes never went totally away. I will have to put eye drops in both eyes for the next 4 weeks or longer. Obviously this is a set back but I have to very careful with this eye issue even though the infection has been eliminated as I still have some significant irritation in both eyes. The eye Doctor cautioned me to take this issue very seriously. The only new item that has been the introduced into my routine is the use of the CPAP machine which is necessary for me to use so I can get the REM sleep I really need.

My CPAP mask and hose

My main initial health goal of this challenge was to successfully use the CPAP machine every night. The update on using machine is that virtually every night since I wrote my first blog has found me to be using the machine for a significant number of hours during sleep. I do not battle with trying to stay awake during the day like I did prior to using the CPAP. I have some additional energy but I need to start a regular exercise program. I have held off doing too much as I am trying to concentrate on permanently correcting my eye issues. Last week my wife and I slipped out of town to the Hyatt Resort in Bastrop. We did do a lot of hiking on the golf course during our stay and that was very good exercise especially for me. My goal during this next part of this challenge is still successfully use the CPAP, get rid of this eye issue and to start an exercise program. At time it is really difficult to use the CPAP while my eye issue is bothering me as the machine does release air which sometimes hits me in my eyes.

Thank you to all the kind folks who wished me luck in their comments on my first post. Using a CPAP machine is much more difficult than I ever imagined.

Striving to Improve My Health in Katy Update #1




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Published Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:32 PM by Bob Gilbert

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