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Katy Dog Park Temporarily Closed for Renovations

Katy Dog Park Temporarily Closed for Renovations

The City of Katy Dog Park was temporarily closed on February 19, 2013 and the scheduled reopening is hopefully set for Wednesday March 27, 2013 which coincides with “Paws in the Park” special event. The renovations include improvements to the existing pond and updating the lighting around the park.

Oval Walking Trail in Katy Dog Park

The Park is located at 5414 Franz Road Katy Texas and is behind the Katy Branch Library and both facilities share the same parking lot. The park which opened in 2007 is situated on 14 acres loaded with numerous trees and has been a big hit with local residents. The park had a big dog and little sections. There is an oval walking area of about 1,700 feet in distance. This facility also has a wading pool for dogs, dog showers and fountains accessible to dogs.

I have gone to this park in the past but never with our dog as I doubt he will let me pick him up to get in the car. This is a very nice Park for both dogs and owners to enjoy.

Katy Dog Park Temporarily Closed for Renovations




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Published Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:38 PM by Bob Gilbert

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