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Things I wish my Website www.katyhomefinder.com Could Do

Things I wish my Website www.katyhomefinder.com Could Do

Websitebox in conjunction with Active Rain (AR) has created a challenge for all AR participants to potentially enter. The Challenge involves AR participants to write blog stating 3 things we wish our own websites could do. The original blog can be found here.

I will not mention who is my website service provider. In addition, I will not argue with one of their employees or or other supporters as why I say what I will say below. Once again this is my opinion and maybe my service provider includes these items in what they offer as functionality but it is either too costly, time consuming  or complicated to implement.

The first major item for me is that I wish making changes to my site was much easier with along with providing instructions which are easy to understand and accurate. My current site allows user input into 3 different sections of each page being either left, center or right. That seems easy enough on the surface but it really is not that easy. Instructions provided online are absolutely horrible and are inaccurate or missing one or more critical steps to make the change someone wants. I still have not figured how to add a video to my site as the instructions are impossible to figure out and make it work. Calling for assistance is also a joke as too many times you are just left hanging on hold.

The second item is a cost effective IDX solution be available that can be easily used by me for the functions I want to provide to consumers. For example, I would love to have a page where potential buyers could have a prearrange search setup for all of South Katy MLS areas. There are numerous other IDX applications I would like to add to my site with the idea to make it as simple as possible for potential buyers to do searches. Currently I only have IDX functionality from my membership in the Houston Association of Realtors and it does me the ability to show my IDX page on the HAR web site where consumers can create their own search. My service provider does have its own IDX functionality but the price per month is in my opinion way too high to justify making this investment and who knows whether it will work once I sign up for it.

The third item I would like to have added to my web site is the ability to easily download my blogs to a separate Blog section. I have my own blog on my site right now but taking my blogs which I post first on AR and then copy to my website has become a huge time waster and one where I have to go into each post and move sentences around. as the copy from AR to the site leaves most of the time the first word of any given sentence on a line all my itself and then part of the sentence on the next page. I would like for my site to allow me to to just copy and paste my blog directly from AR including pictures and video’s to the web site.

I have considered changing service providers for my web site as right now this service provider does not hold my various domain names as these are all with a totally different company. My hesitation is I really do not have huge number of available hours where I could spend setting up all the pages on a new site. Ideally I would hope I copy most of my material from my current site right to the new site. This is a critical question I will have when I speak to a new group and maybe websitebox is the answer I have been looking for as to a new service provider.

Picture of www.katyhomefinder.com

Things I wish my Website www.katyhomefinder.com Could Do




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Published Thursday, February 21, 2013 5:36 PM by Bob Gilbert

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