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Knotty and Nice Club holds Knitting Class at Katy Branch Library

Knotty and Nice Club holds Knitting Class at Katy Branch Library

Knotty and Nice Club will hold a knitting and crocheting class at the Katy Branch Library on Wednesday January 30, 2013. The class starts at 1 PM and will last until 3 PM and will be held in the meeting room at the Library.

The Katy Branch Library which is part of the Harris County Library system is located at 5414 Franz Road Katy Texas. This Library hold numerous public service events and classes for the local residents. Additional information about this fine Library can be found by going here.

The knitting and crocheting class is open to all ages ( Adult and Teen) and any skill level. This would be the class to attend if you want to learn new needlework techniques, meet new folks to hang out with and/ or maybe teach someone else what you know.

My Mom's knitting yarn I saved all these years

I will not be attending as I have no idea how to knit or crochet. This class fits with my overall plan for my blogs to show folks that Katy has so many different things readily available to its residents and even a knitting and crocheting class. My Mom during her later years did do some knitting. I have been told and have read that knitting can be very therapeutic.




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Published Sunday, January 27, 2013 3:37 PM by Bob Gilbert

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