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New Supermarket now open in West Katy Texas

New Supermarket now open in West Katy Texas

Kroger just opened on friday December 14, 2012 a brand Signature supermarket store on the corner of 1093 and Spring Green in west Katy Texas. I thought the store opened today but I was off one day. I had  planned to go today and took the time to visit the new store. I have more comments later in this blog about the store and its employees. .

TheGrand opening celebration started on opening day and will last for the next 5 days. The store is offering many special deals and I will let all of you do your own research in the newspaper or on the internet to see these specials. New Kroger store

This Signature store has many different features and here are the ones I observed and could remember: Fresh sushi bar with folks more than willing to hand out samples; huge bakery area where goods will be made daily; numerous cash registers all having employees willing to help; large fresh meat and fish departments; Starbucks inside the store; large section of all natural foods including organic and gluten free; Boars Head products in the deli and the deli did not have a line where someone could die in and no one would ever notice and the store is loaded with several other notable features. inside new Kroger Store

The store opening has brought with it so many advantages including employing a fairly large staff. Maybe two years ago I had several folks who were looking for homes in west Katy who stated that 1093 and Spring Green was too far out away from everything for them and the lack of shopping was major complaint. Well now it is maybe two later there is the new Kroger, a Academy sports store , large Shell station and several other small business stores in the area. I guess you would say there is convenient shopping available now! i hate to bring it up but I told everyone this was all going to happen.

This new Kroger right now has the right attitude among its management team and workers, Everyone is very helpful and has a smile on their face. They don’t run away when you ask questions. If this corporate culture continues one major store already opened now for several years could be in real trouble.To protect the guilty company I will not mention its name but folks who live in this area know who I am speaking of and the new Whole Foods store at Grand Lakes has not yet opened which add even more competition. . .




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Published Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:53 PM by Bob Gilbert

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