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Katy Budget Books holds Hobbit Event

Katy Budget Books holds Hobbit Event

Katy Budget Books is hosting Hobbit Second Breakfast Celebration on Saturday December 8, 2012 starting at 9AM at the store. The store is located at 2450 Fry Road Houston, Texas. The store has a Houston mailing address but it really is located in Katy north of I-10 on Fry Road.

The store is including several special events for this celebration including outdoor games, costume party, trivia and food. The plan is to have a sample of the first breakfast, second breakfast and elevensies. I am not a Hobbit fan and have not read any of these books so I am not sure what this exactly means.

The day will also include a discussion of the new Hobbit movie which will be released in December and a discussion of the book.

Here is an excellent opportunity for all Hobbit Fans to get more information and enjoyment from their passion right here in Katy Texas. This event is another example in a long line of examples of showing that Katy Texas has something to offer for all folks.

Katy Budget Books - copy from their web site

I am writing this blog with very heavy heart today as when I got to work I found out a co-worker of ours had passed on last evening apparently a victim of suicide. This person leaves two grown children of her own who are very dependent on her, two grown step-children she was very fond of, one grandchild she loved dearly and one step grandchild that you would have thought was hers and not a step-grandchild and a husband who might not be able to function without her. What makes it so extremely difficult to understand is of course why this happened when this person had a true passion for life. All involved that are not family are totally stunned and confused. The family I am sure is in complete shock. Life is so valuable and we all need to prize our gift from the Lord and cherish it every day. I am at total loss of words of what to say to the family.. I will pray for all involved. I personally have never been very good with death and never will be.




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Published Tuesday, December 11, 2012 5:16 PM by Bob Gilbert

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