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Cat Food drive for AniMeals Program Katy Texas

Cat Food drive for AniMeals Program Katy Texas

Special Pals animal shelter is holding a cat food drive on Thursday November 8, 2012 from noon until 3 PM. The shelter is located at 3830 Greenhouse Road, Houston, Texas ( Houston mailing address but really considered in Katy).

CatSpecial Pals mission in this program is to assist homebound Senior citizens feed their pets in both Fort Bend County Texas and Waller County Texas. . I have written about this program of providing food for the pets of Seniors about one year ago.

Research has found numerous Senior citizens  who are homebound will on a daily basis sacrifice eating so they can feed their dog or cat or both. These poor folks have to scrimp just to eat themselves and feeding their pets is like a luxury. Some folks might say well those Seniors should not own pets if can not afford to pay for their upkeep. Let me make it real clear what I think about that nonsense, these poor folks usually live alone and have nothing else in their lives other the pets who they love dearly and the pets love them. I also know all too well the worst thing you can do to a Senior who is tied to their home is remove them and put them into some type home. Providing food for both the Senior and their pets lets these folks continue to live in their homes. cat

The AniMeal program works in partnership with Meals on Wheels and Special Pals to provide food for these shut in Seniors pets. Currently this program feeds about 280 dogs and cats each day.

Right now special Pals is in need of of both dry and canned cat food. If you want to donate call 281-579-7387 or try their web site by clicking here. I am positive the shelter will accept cash donations and I believe this is a 501(c) (3) tax deductible donation.





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Published Tuesday, November 6, 2012 5:37 PM by Bob Gilbert

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