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Almost Wordless Sunday August 19, 2012 in Katy Texas

Almost Wordless Sunday August 19, 2012 in Katy Texas


Today my step-son opened our door to inform us that he was going to church with his girlfriend and at the same time our dog a Schnauzer jumped on our bed. He immediately put his cold nose plus chin on my back as I was still sleeping. Of course he wanted to play. He had just eaten some canned wet dog food and yes his beard was loaded with dog food juice. Needless to say my back was now also a haven for dog food juice of some kind. It was pretty funny but I realized as I struggled to get awake my brain is dead for ideas and needs some time to rejuvenate. When I got here to the Active Rain web site my mind was like a blank. I thought of several of my virtual friends and all their wonderful pictures they have posted.

My post today is pictures I took in Washington DC back in early July as I had my camera in hand as my Active Rain virtual friend Roy Kelley tells all of us to do.

Washington DC

    Washington DC

Poignant flag for us to remember

         Korean War Memorial - Very Impressive

One of my personal favorite Presidents


          World War II Memorial - Great Generation

Viet Nam Memorial - Moving but not very impressive as a Memorial

Great speech by a truly great leader and man





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Statue of Liberty

Sign at Ground Level Zero


Bob Gilbert





   American Flag







Published Friday, August 24, 2012 4:15 PM by Bob Gilbert

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