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Bob is always looking for news about Katy Texas and the surrounding areas. Please e-mail me at bobgilbert2003@msn.com with any news you may feel needs a forum!
Want or Need Assistance with Jobs Search in Katy TX?

Want or Need Assistance with Jobs Search in Katy TX?


Right now one of major uncertainties which exist in the US is unemployment and creating new job opportunities. Big dollars have been spent in an attempt to create more new jobs but there are still way too many folks who need a job or who are underemployed and need to find a job in their field or one for fitting for their training. If you want or need assistance with jobs search in Katy TX then this program maybe ideal for you.Home Worker at your service


Mickey Mixon will lead a team of professionals who will conduct a three part series on job search survival. These workshops are being held starting on Monday August 6, 2012 from 5: 30 PM until 8:30PM at the Cinco Ranch Branch Library. The Library which is part of the Fort Bend Library system is located at 2620 Commercial Center Blvd. The series will continue on Tuesday August 7 and Thursday August 9, 2012 at the same times. The topics will change each night. Show up eager and ready to learn.


There is no required registration and the cost is my favorite being it’s for FREE and totally open to the public.

Cinco Ranch Branch Library


Among many different types of ideas or programs that I personally support Job creation is one that is always high on the list. Small business is the main job engine in this country. I wish our politicians would go back and take Economics 101 again to learn all about how small business creates numerous jobs. Small business needs help so it can continue to do its function of helping the economy grow by creating new jobs. This is not a political comment as both parties do everything they can to put the country into a virtual stalemate in terms of getting anything productive accomplished.  






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Published Monday, August 13, 2012 4:48 PM by Bob Gilbert

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