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Almost total Disaster turns out very well

Almost total Disaster turns out very well

Have you ever experienced situation where circumstances deteriorated quickly and almost became a total disaster? Friday evening this situation hit me right between the eyes. It was raining extremely hard Friday afternoon and I decided to leave my CPA client’s office early at 4:00 P.M. as the raining was coming down in buckets. As anyone who lives here knows when the rain falls that fast the streets flood rather quickly. My objective was to drive back to Katy as quickly as possible and then stop at Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church so I could pick up dinner from their Lenten Fish Fry. I had written a blog about this Lenten Fish Fry and planned my whole evening around making sure I would get our dinner from Epiphany. Unfortunately in a snap of your fingers I was in trouble.

I was hurrying out of the office in Cypress Texas which with no traffic using the freeway is at best a 35-40 minute drive to get home carrying two lap tops (mine plus office lap top from client). A full backpack and a Green friendly shopping bag loaded with work papers I hoped to use over the weekend.  The ground in the parking lot was already full of water and the rain as I said was still coming down in torrents. I was afraid of placing the lap tops on the ground with the amount of water already there. My keys including the key/auto drive opener were all connected to several key rings and were in my right hand pocket. OK cool I try to get my keys out and they are stuck in a small hole in my jacket pocket. I am now getting anxious and pull hard on the key ring. The auto drive opener and device that opens my door actually pulls off of the metal key ring. Now I am holding my key ring and the car key in my hand but separated. The rain is falling harder and I am pretty well drenched and my glasses are covered in water. I believe I put my key ring and the now separated car key in my pocket with my left hand as I jockey around all the lap tops, backpack and bag I am holding to barely so they don’t fall into the water.

I open the car door and quickly toss in all of my stuff as I am still afraid of this rain water’s potential bad effect on my lap tops. To my total shock and horror I hear the noise my car makes when the door is locked. I am locked out of my car by a freak accident and its Friday evening with terrible weather. I go back inside my client’s office and start to make several phone calls. I quickly realize I do not have many options to get my car opened.

Bob's keys with car key/door opener


I call my home and my father-in-law looks for the backup key with no success. My wife is away with my step-sons on a Spring break trip (I could not go)and there goes out the window 3 drivers who could have picked me up and helped. Our close friend is still at work and having his own car crisis. I cannot get him to fetch me or help. I start praying quickly as I realize I cannot leave my valuable luggage (lap tops) in my car and exposed in the back seat and somehow go home. Cabs in the burbs of Houston are rare site and very costly option if you can get one to drive to Katy. My father-in-law is 80 years old and him driving in a major rain storm when its dark does not work at all. I resign myself that I might have to spend the night at this office as a locksmith I find quotes me a maybe on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 P.M. as his ETA to help me. There are no car rental offices anywhere I could somehow get to and they all close at 5 or 6 P.M.

First piece of my good fortunate is I belong to AAA and I call them now in a panic. They call back with first bad news as a locksmith quotes at least 5 plus hours (if at all) to arrive). I suggest we keep looking and I am told there are not many choices. I get a call back from AA and they have found a locksmith who can open the car and will be there in 2 plus hours. Thank you LORD as of course with no other alternatives I say please ask him to come.

My almost total disaster turns good quickly as Richard Sanchez of LockBusters Inc. arrives about 7:45 P.M. and he knows exactly how to open my car. I now have anew go to friend and locksmith in Richard as after less than 10 minutes or so the car magically opens and I find my key lying next to all the bags in the backseat.

Richard was supposed to be at a family function near Galveston when he was out in the pouring and cold rain helping me. I want to Richard a major shout out and recommend him to anyone needing a locksmith. He saved my butt that is for sure. He told me he will do locksmith work pretty much anywhere in the Houston area including Cypress, Katy, Sugarland, and many areas. His phone number is 281-561-0060 or 281-265-3335 and tell him you read my blog.

Obviously I missed the Lenten Fish Fry but I was able to drive home and sleep in my own bed. It is amazing how we all take these conveniences for granted.

Thank you to Mr. Richard Sanchez and to his family for helping me out.


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Published Friday, March 16, 2012 4:10 PM by Bob Gilbert

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