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Meals on Wheels and Special Pals form team to provide new service

Meals on Wheels and Special Pals form team to provide new service




Meals on Wheels in the Katy area which is located in Fort Bend County (Residents can be residing in Fort Bend County or Harris County or Waller County) noticed that many of its clients also had pets. The sad part is the Meals on Wheels staff realized that most of their clients who owned a pet(s) were giving a majority of their food to the pet. Can anyone image these poor souls who cannot really fend for themselves anymore and depend on Wheels on Meals for their basic food every day is giving  most of their diet to their pets? In my mind there is something wrong here but that is a whole different topic.Hearing events such as this makes me very sad and angry. 




Special Pals are a local animal shelter which has a no kill policy for all of its residents. Special Pals and Meals on Wheels have combined forces to create a whole new program which provides food for the Meals on Wheels clients to give to their pets. It is called AniMeals. This program was begun about 3 months ago and is a big hit with all the Meals on Wheels clients. Now these folks can eat all of their food and not have to worry about how they are going to feed their dog or cat. Meals on Wheels recipients are, as staff members have coined it, are relieved of a major stress in their lives.




Special Pals is located at 3830 Greenhouse Road Houston Texas and is in the Katy area even though they have a Houston address. On Saturday January 29, 2011 they are holding supply drive to assist with caring for  all of their sheltered animals. The supplies they are requesting include 13 gallon kitchen trash bags, liquid bleach, paper towels, clay cat litter and angled brooms.




I personally can easily support all three programs being the Fort Bend County Meals on Wheels program, Special Pals and their new AniMeals program. If anyone wants more information or make a donation go to Meals on Wheels, or to Special Pals or to AniMeals as assistance and donations are most welcome and needed by all of these fine groups.  

I copied the banners shown below for the Fort Bend Meals on Wheels and Special Pals from their web sites as I am writing a blog about their wonderful work in the community.


Special Pals banner

Fort Bend Seniors banner


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Published Sunday, February 5, 2012 5:28 PM by Bob Gilbert

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