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Make Holiday Cards and Gift Tags in Katy Texas

Make Holiday Cards and Gift Tags in Katy Texas


The Maud Marks Library which is one the Harris County Library system is teaching a class where individuals will learn how to make their own Holidaycards and gift tags. The class is being held on

Tuesday December 20, 2011 at 7 :00 P.M. The Library is located at

1815 Westgreen Blvd. Katy Texas. Theclass is my favorite price of

Free. Seating as with all these computer classes is very limited. One


needs to make reservations by calling the Library at 281-492-8592.

The class will teach the fundamental concepts Microsoft Publisher

and Basic keyboard and mouse skills are prerequisites.  


I wish I hadthe timeto attend this class as I personally would like to

learn how to use Microsoft Publisher in general and adding a new


skill set with cards and gift tags makesthis class even more


valuable. I have written several blogs over the last months about

theLocal library systems of Harris County and Fort Bend County


holding free classes which areaimed at improving resident’s skill

sets. As I have said in the past I think these are very important


endeavors being taken by the library systems.  

Maud Marks Library Katy Texas



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Published Tuesday, December 20, 2011 5:51 PM by Bob Gilbert

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