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A Few Quick Tips for Short Elevator Speech in Katy Texas and beyond

A Few Quick Tips for Short Elevator Speech in Katy Texas and beyond

All of us at one time or another is going to have to be ready to give a short Elevator speech. These principles apply to both selling your real estate services as well as selling yourself when applying for a new job. Several years ago I had my job at a major corporation eliminated in typical political big company reorganization. The company actually did me a huge favor by eliminating my job as they immediately afterwards announced the relocation of the energy trading group to the East Coast. One of the items I was able to negotiate was having access to out-placement services. The out-placement group had one key principle which I learned from them being that we needed  3 separate elevator speeches  and should be ready to speak these presentations with no notice at all. The three I am talking about are 1) short speech which is trying to get the audience interested in you; 2) Medium speech which is similar to the short but includes more accomplishments; 3) long presentation which can be 5 minutes or more in length and used when someone says to you tell me all about you as a person and a professional. The Killer Elevator Speech is a very important exercise and I have some quick tips I learned several years ago from the out-placement group which I want to share with everyone. I am not an expert but I have hired numerous professionals over the course of my career and have had to find new employment a few times.  

Here are my quick tips to add to the other blogs written about this topic:

1)      How long each speech is in terms of time is not that important.

2)      Make sure the speech does not sound like it was memorized. Speak clearly, distinctly and in the same fashion you would talk to anyone.

3)      Eye contact is critical with your audience but no darting eyes.

4)      If a handshake is appropriate make sure you do the handshake properly and with a strong but not tight grip.

5)      Don’t use terms like “you know” or “huh” or “I mean” or other similar types of speech idioms.

6)      Purpose of short speech is get the audience interested in you and compels them to wants to know more about you. Be flexible to what your audience is telling you with their words, eyes and body movement

7)      Be ready to answer questions and after answering go back to your presentation but adapt it to the circumstances.

8)      The short speech cannot possibly be loaded with all there is to know about the presenter. A brief summary of why you are such an excellent Realtor and why they should choose you as their Realtor is the main point to be made.

9)      Stay on course and ignore all outside distractions such as social media, cell phones, etc.

10)  Practice your speeches by looking into a mirror and taking your time. This is not a race.

11)  Always be ready to adapt to changing circumstances whatever type of change that might occur.

12)  Stand tall and do not make annoying body movements.

13) Be positive and have a smile on your face.

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Published Wednesday, November 2, 2011 4:02 PM by Bob Gilbert

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