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Seven Lakes Spartan’s Band Rocks Stadium at first Varsity Football Performance this Year

Seven Lakes Spartan’s Band Rocks Stadium at first Varsity Football Performance this Year

This blog is about the band and not the football team. My step-son plays for the Seven Lakes Spartan’s Varsity Football Team in Katy Texas and I believe Yolanda on her blog title” Seven Lakes Varsity Wins First Game of the Season” already has done a really good job of discussing the football game and check out her blog for her take on the game. I want to cover the excellent band and their wonderful performance.

Seven Lakes band coming onto the Field

Seven Lakes High School has been in existence for approximately 6 plus years and we personally have seen several football games featuring both the varsity squad and the band. My oldest step-son was in the first graduating class and played on the varsity football team. Frankly, our varsity football team over the years has pretty much sucked (a couple of good seasons) but our BAND has been outstanding right from get go. These kids who play in the band actually practice harder and longer than the football team. Marching bands tend to get ignored and this is a huge mistake. There are numerous members of the Seven Lakes band that are outstanding musicians. Their marching is absolutely excellent and precise.





Seven Lakes Band on the field

When the band was announced we also learned that this year’s football program would include 3 Led Zeppelin (Led ZEP) songs being Black dog, Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Led Zep is one of my personal favorites and Stairway to Heaven in my opinion is one of the greatest songs in the history of music. Symphony orchestra’s across the world play “Stairway to Heaven and it is a very difficult music piece for any band to play. The Seven Lakes band did an exceptional job of playing all of these very difficult pieces of music.







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Published Saturday, September 3, 2011 12:33 PM by Bob Gilbert

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