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Inspect Your Own HVAC System Now and Prevent Problems in the Future in Katy Texas

Inspect Your Own HVAC System Now and Prevent Problems in the Future in Katy Texas

We had a problem last week with the air conditioning system as the upstairs zone was not working. Our friend recommended a new repairmen and he came the same day to fix our issues. We were very lucky. Texas is in the middle of a major drought and record setting heat wave. I believe yesterday we tied an old record of 14 days in a row of over 100’s degree temperature and the forecast for the rest of this week is 100 plus degrees each day. My repair man had several suggestions that all of us amateurs can follow and inspect their own system. Here are his pointers:

Dirity Air Filters Needing Replacement

1)     Examine the outside compressor at least once a month and remove debris and hose off any dirt. Make sure there is penalty of room all the way around the unit. Make sure the unit is level and not moving around.

2)     Change all air filters at least once a month. If the home has a central air filtration system leave the vent filters out and change the central system filters every 3 months or less.

3)     Examine all ductwork looking for peeling duct tape; loose fittings; dirt streaks which could mean air is escaping; dents in metal ducts; collapsed or torn sections of flex duct work

4)     Fire up the furnace ( not yet in Texas) to make sure it is a steady blue color and not yellow or orange

5)     Inspect thermostat by removing covers and clean all dirt way from the mechanism.

6)     Examine all air return grills and HVAC registers for dust, dirt pet hair, or anything that will impede air flow.

As it turned out the repairs to our system were all minor. My repair man has several other small items needing attention but we agreed to handle those issues in the fall when he returns as fixing issues in an attic that is 120’ plus degrees is not a lot of fun. If you live outside of this terrible heat zone then you and your families should consider having your HVAC system examined now for winter usage. See Dan Edward Phillips blog about this topic as it has excellent advice.

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Published Tuesday, August 16, 2011 2:25 PM by Bob Gilbert

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