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Real Estate Recovery for Katy, Houston and State of Texas

Real Estate Recovery for Katy, Houston and State of Texas


According to a research real estate economist named Dr. Ali Anari from Texas A&M University the private sector in Texas added approximately 251,000 jobs that equates to an annual growth rate of 3%. The national rate of private sector job increase during the same period was 1.7 %. The Monthly review of the Texas economy indicated that the State had vigorous job growth for the year ending June 30, 2011 and this statement was confirmed by the A & M data. The economic slowdown certainly has affected Texas but the State is recovering faster than most parts of the US.

Texas A & M University Football Stadium


The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is reporting that Houston is currently back from an economic standpoint to its prerecession levels. Houston is now number 1 in the United States for retail job growth by adding 4,100 jobs per a study from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The State of Texas is the one state in the United States to experience a 3% job growth rate and stable real estate prices for the most part across the State.

The economic news in the state of Texas, Houston and Katy Texas is all very positive and bullish. There are numerous homes available at reasonable prices in the Katy, Texas market. Interest rates are very low. The time to buy a home is now. If you and your wait you might lose an outstanding opportunity to buy a home. These types of opportunities only come along a limited number of times in anyone’s lifetime.

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Published Saturday, August 13, 2011 1:22 PM by Bob Gilbert

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