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Updated test of Google Chrome Browser and Google Documents
Updated test of Google Chrome Browser and Google Documents -  

I wrote a blog back in June titled “ New Test of Google Docs and Google Chrome with Active Rain” and I was all excited as I found that Google Chrome and writing your blog with Google Documents worked great. I could set point size of letters, fonts, colors, type of text, etc. and just copy and paste from Google Documents to Active Rain ( AR). This was a very simple way of accomplishing several tasks. I already knew all about the IE 9 problems with AR and found a work around means that actually was better than IE 9.  

This past Wednesday evening 7/20/2011, ( for those that do not know) AR ran a data base update to cure problems IE 9 had with AR. At first when I tried using IE 9 Thursday morning nothing was working other than you could post comments for blogs which was not possible before. Since that point AR has made other changes and you can use IE 9 but Google Documents does not work with IE 9 the way Google Chrome combined with Documents was working before the update. Unfortunately, I have not had any success with my old method of writing my blogs in Documents with Chrome as the browser and pasting those blogs to AR since the previously mentioned update was processed. I lose all the functions that I listed above that I had up to the point of the new update being installed. 

This is a test once again of writing the blog in Google Documents while using Google Chrome. I figured I might as well write a blog post while wasting many hours trying to get things to work. So I will end this part here and do the copy paste to AR and then see what happens. I have a feeling it won’t work.

It did not work and even the bold, and underline functions disappear when you copy. If you are usingGoogle Chrome and Google Documents be aware it does not work anymore with AR. I am sorry if I lead you astray with my previous blogs. Don't write a complaint to the IT group at AR as they are touchy and did not understand at all the problems the update created with other browsers. Oh well back to the drawing board!!! Maybe I should send an E-mail to Google to sere if they have any suggestions.  Picture function did work.. Amazing as it was not working since the above mentioned update.

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Published Saturday, July 23, 2011 5:54 PM by Bob Gilbert

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