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Railroad Tracks are not Meant for Cars to Stop on

Railroad Tracks are not Meant for Cars to Stop on - 

I meant to write this blog yesterday but due to the Active Rain ( AR) issues with Google Chrome, posting pictures, AR suggesting other browsers which did NOT work I waited until today.

Rail Road Tracks at Telge and Highway 290

I was driving on Telge Road heading towards  Cypress North Houston Road in Cypress Texas (which is close to Katy Texas) yesterday morning when I stooped at a red light at the Highway 290 feeder road and Telge intersection. There are rail road tracks located just before the actual stop light. One or maybe two cars can fit in the space between the stop light and tracks without [part or all of an auto being on the actual tracks or be in the way of the gate when it comes. down. I was the second car in the left hand lane to arrive and before crossing the tracks I looked both ways and made sure my car would fit without it being partially or any part stopped on the actual tracks. 

I caught something from my rear view mirror and low and behold another vehicle was behind me but part of the car was on the actual tracks. Now the crossing guard was not down but still I was taught by my father when I learned to drive never to stop on rail road tracks anywhere let alone at a stop light. Usually there is a constant stream of cars in the right hand lane turning right after stopping for the red light. This morning that was not the case as the cars in the right lane were going straight and not turning. 

I looked hard in the rear view mirror to see what fool was actually stopped partially on the tracks. It turns it it was a Mom or baby sitter in a mini van loaded with Children. The lady was totally oblivious to anything happening around her. She can not even blame talking on a cell phone or texting. As we waited for the light to change I suddenly had this bad thought what will we do if a train comes and this mini van behind me with kids stuffed into it is still on those darn tracks when a train arrives? If the first two autos in front of the van run the stop light they risk getting hit head on by all the cars turning left onto the Highway feeder road. This is a very busy intersection. 

The stop light finally changed after it seemed like an eternity of time had passed. Guess what happened just as the light turned green? That is correct the crossing guard started making noise and the arms began to come down as a train was somewhere on its way to this intersection. Luckily for everyone involved we all pulled through the light without incident and never saw the actual train. The lady in the mini van was still totally out to lunch and had no idea what had almost happened. 

I do not know if no one these days teaches anything about driving and rail road tracks. Railroad Tracks are not Meant for Cars to Stop on. Plain and simple as that.. 










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Published Saturday, July 23, 2011 5:51 PM by Bob Gilbert

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