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Propane Gas Grill Warning in Katy Texas and other Warm Climate Areas
opane Gas Grill Warning in Katy Texas and other Warm Climate Areas.

As most folks do in Katy, Texas and through out the great state of Texas we grill a lot on our propane gas grill. Some folks in Texas like other methods of grilling than propane but I am not a purist and do not have the time to spend hours smoking a brisket or any other eatable meat, game, chicken, etc.
Weber Gas Grill

We went on a short vacation in early July to Las Vegas where we celebrated our wedding anniversary. Our grill was not used while we were gone and probably had not been used for close to 2 weeks by the time we got back and decided to grill something for dinner. I usually lite the grill and let the grill burn off any excess meat, juice or whatever. This evening we were all watching ESPN who was presenting their ESPY awards. After lighting the grill I joined the whole family to laugh at the opening monologue.

Lucky for us as my lovely wife got up to check on one of the side dishes we were planning to eat and she found the grill covered in smoke . She yelled out at me that there was trouble with the grill. I ran out and found flames shooting out from several spots. I spent a good amount of time killing the fire and then cleaning up the mess. I was very surprised as to what I found.

The excess food trap pans were loaded with a thin liquid. This liquid was like grease but flowed like water. It also had a very low flash point.The best I could surmise is that whatever we had in the catch pans had melted into this very flammable liquid. I believe the liquid is a byproduct of the intense summer heat we have endured and the fact that we have not had much rain and are still in a major drought.

My advice is simple... Before you turn on the grill to burn off the excess food, etc check your pans for liquid and dump whatever you find. Don’t burn your home down!!!

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Published Saturday, July 23, 2011 6:01 PM by Bob Gilbert

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