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If Moving to Katy, Texas this Year don't Forget Your Pets.
If Moving to Katy, Texas this Year don't Forget Your Pets. I have several clients who are moving from out of town to Katy, Texas this year and I want to send them a link about planning that needs to be done for their pets. Many families consider one or more of their pets to be family members. As with all of the moving process you and your family need to write a short plan as to how the pets will be handled.

Here are some items to consider for your pet moving plan:

* Check the shot record and medical records of each pet involved. Update all  required shots or obtain required medications.

* If driving to a new location find hotels/motels that accept pets. Do this even if you believe you can make the drive in one day as you never know.

* ID tags for all pets are very important. Order new tags with the new address and maybe your cell number.

* If your pets do not ride in the car very often start taking them on short test rides so they get use to riding in a car.

* Put together a supply of food, water, toys  and medications that you will need for the trip to the new home if driving.

* Check local laws in your new location and apply for required licenses in advance,

* When driving to the new location stop several times for potty trips and water.

*  Provide no food for several hours prior to leaving for the new home.

If you need to move to Katy there are several excellent homes available in numerous neighborhoods. Call me and I will arrange to take you and your family on a tour of the whole area. I will tell in person why Katy is the place to live in the Houston area. Contact me if you are looking for homes for sale or homes for rent in the Katy or surrounding areas.

If you have any questions about homes for sale or homes for rent

in the Katy, Sugar Land or surrounding areas or other questions

contact me at bobgilbert2003@msn.com or visit us on the web at

www.katyhomefinder.com Katy TX Real Estate Expert

Read my blog at http://bobgilbertblog.com


Bob, Realtor, CPA AND MBA

Published Saturday, July 23, 2011 5:38 PM by Bob Gilbert

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