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Easy Tips for Active Rain Newbies and Part Timers
Easy Tips for Active Rain (AR) Newbies and Part Timers  as I just finished reading several outstanding articles on AR but in these posts there are way too many steps, tips, pages, links to other articles and too much of everything else for the normal busy professional to comprehend and/or implement. In my own opinion, it is easier for both the reader and writer to give folks quick simple steps where they can actually accomplish something and see results. These easy tips are NOT going to make you some type of Search Engine Optimatization (SEO) guru but will make your AR life easier and should instantly improve the appearance of your blog. Thinking more about this issue there are no such things easy or quick fixes for any SEO issue.
Computer Parts Icons

My first step of easy tips is to download Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a web browser just like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. but I find it faster and easier to use than the others. Google Chrome is completely compatible with Active Rain!!! Chrome does not have the issues IE 9 has with Active Rain. If you are unsure what issues exist with I E 9 read my blog from May. Remember this is a Google Tool.. How can you go wrong??

How do you get this browser? Very easy and fast.. Go to Google and search Google Chrome. follow the download instructions. You might have to close all of your other windows and open programs before running the install program These days most folks should be able to download new software but if you have a problem please call me at 218-904-6772 and I will walk you through the process.

Step two is to open Google Chrome and click on the main page under “ More”. Find “Documents” and click again. You will have to register with Google Documents but if I remember correctly it is very very easy. After completing the registration go to left side of main documents page and click on “New”. You will have several selections and you should click on “Document”.

Now you can just write your blog right here in Google Chrome and copy it to Active Rain. Why do you want to do this? Google Chrome gives you numerous choices of fonts, point sizes, type of print, colors, linking, headings or text and even pictures. I insert my pictures after I have copied my blog from Chrome to Active Rain. To copy all of your blog all one has to do is Select “All” under edit and then enter Ctr. C. Go to your blog page in AR then paste your blog into AR like any other copy/paste operation. I have read numerous blogs giving instructions how to add these features to your blogs but this is easily the fastest method.

As a side note.. You can also publish your blog via Google Chrome to the Internet. I don’t know if this step adds any Google Juice but it sure can not hurt what you are trying to accomplish. Good luck..


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Published Sunday, July 10, 2011 5:04 PM by Bob Gilbert

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