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Time to Party as During June 2011 I Passed 100K Points, 200 Blogs and 1 K Comments on Active Rain
Time to Party as During June 2011 I Passed 100K Points, 200 Blogs and 1 K Comments on Active Rain and completed the June one blog per day contest. Before all my fellow Active Rain colleagues go “ What June blog contest?”  I had my own June challenge to write at least one blog per day for the entire month. My mission is accomplished. I tried the May blog challenge contest but due to bad luck with lap tops,  I was unable to post each day but I pretended all month that I still had an opportunity to get the points at the end.
Active Rain screen for Bob Gilbert

In addition, during June had the good fortune to have one of my posts become a Featured Active Rain blog. Please don’t ask me how I actually got a featured post as I have no clue. I just started following what Russel Ray told everyone in one of his blog posts to just forget about the featured blog. ( well not in those exact words but fairly close).

Today July 1, 2011 I have over 120,000 points; I have written over 200 blogs with 84 blogs coming in May and June; and posted over 1,200 comments. The key in my mind is that I started making a daily effort to participate in Active Rain and read plus post comments every single day. If you to back to my Featured Blog titled “ Quick Advice for AR Newbies and AR sort of Participants” , reading members blogs and writing comments was one of my main points and I practiced what I was preached as shown by the last two months activity. I will write during July a follow up that my Featured blog which will have suggestions/comment I got from numerous members.

I want to thank all of you out there who read my blogs, made comments, suggested my blog and supported me by sending or calling me with excellent advice. There are so many excellent professional who participate in AR and who are extremely helpful if you have questions or problems.  I hope to continue actively participating in AR during July but I will be taking a short sabbatical for a few days at the beginning of the month. Again thanks everyone and have a safe and fun 4 TH of July weekend.

Published Saturday, July 2, 2011 5:34 PM by Bob Gilbert

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