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Keep Katy Beautiful - " The Landing"
Keep Katy Beautiful - " The Landing"  is a project which is now over 4 years in the making and finally completed. The main recent thrust of the Keep Katy Beautiful group is placing an amazing sculpture created by Ed Hayes that is now on display on your way into ‘Old Katy”.  

The bronze sculpture is of ducks flying over Katy as back in the early nineteenth century. This sculpture is life sized and a really amazing site to view.Many folks who attended the unveiling have had the pleasure of watching Katy grow from a small prairie rice farmer village to a beautiful robust city and area. If you want to view the “ The Landing” it is located at i-10 feeder road and highway 90 on your way into “Old Katy” .

I heard about this project and wanted to see it for myself. The problem is that chosen location has a constant stream of heavy traffic. There is no good place place to pull over to view or take pictures. Pedestrians are not highly regarded creatures here in Texas. I took my pictures from the right lane of Highway 90 while slowing down and the guy next to me was none to happy to see  me using my camera. He honked several times and of course added for good measure the one finger salute!! Maybe he just got out of jail and forgot to call his parole officer?? “The Landing” is a beautiful work of art.

Published Saturday, July 2, 2011 5:21 PM by Bob Gilbert

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