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New Test of Google Docs and Google Chrome with Active Rain
New Test of Google Docs and Google Chrome with Active Rain Yesterday, I wrote a blog Titled : “The Rain Made Me Do It” and I wasted a good 1 hour plus trying to write it with Google Documents and then use all the functions Active Rain blogs don’t have such as fonts, size, colors. etc. When I posted my blog all the special features went away. I could not understand what the problem was or what to do to correct this issue.

Last early evening ( 5:30 PM) I loaded Google Chrome and decided I would do a new test today by writing the blog using Google Docs while accessing the Docs with Google Chrome with the objective to see if the special features will carry over to Active Rain when I post this blog.

I am sorry this is not some type of special blog but it is important to me as time is precious to me and I really can’t waste hours just shooting in the dark. I want to use different font types, colors, and sizes through my blog.

Published Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3:23 PM by Bob Gilbert

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