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You and Your family Can Discover the Amazing Mysteries of The Katy Prairie
The Katy Prairie Conservancy (KPC) will hold their June Unplugged series on Saturday June 18, 2011 at their Warren South Ranch Perverse. The program will last from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM and is called “Dust Critter Crawl”. This is new unplugged series is meant for you and your family to unplug from their hectic daily lives and connection with nature. All minors have to be accompanied by an adult.

The Katy Prairie comes alive at dusk as several different types of critters come out of hiding as the even cools off the high temperatures. There could be night hawks flying over head looking for dinner and swooping past; the prairie becomes alive with the chatter of numerous insects; and there will be a spectacular sunset to observe and enjoy. The nature hike will be guided by a KPC nature expert as visitors will see a part of west Katy not seen by very many other folks. There are several rules to follow but certainly nothing difficult and all just common sense types of things. release forms have to filled in and signed by an adult for all attendees.

The Katy Prairie Conservancy is a non-profit 501 C (3) organization. The group started back in 1992 with their definition of conservation to be “ the wise use and management of resources”. The organization has always worked with a very diverse sections of the overall community including hunters. Today they have joined together with hunters to reach mutual land conservation goals. The KPC owns 13,00 acres of habitat and manages 14 preserves.

If you want more information about KPC or this event or other future events visit their web site. You can make a tax deductible donation at this site if you feel so inclined.

I personally am not a tree hugging environmentalist but I can definitely support the plans and work of the Katy Prairie Conservancy as they are doing something very useful, important and constructive for all of us who live in the Katy or surrounding areas. Katy has been for many years a major route for migrating birds, ducks, geese, etc. Every fall and spring I see numerous groups of these animals making their way North or South. It is quite a sight to see and enjoy. The sprawling and rapid growth of the area should not interfere with these natural preserves in my opinion. What do you folks think?

If you plan to go to the Dust Critter Crawl find a map on KPC’s web site as it appears there is road construction that will require some type of detour.

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Published Thursday, June 16, 2011 3:38 PM by Bob Gilbert

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