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The Rain Made Me Do It!!!
A week ago yesterday ( June 5, 2011) I went to Lowes located at Fry Rd. and I-10 feeder in Katy Texas to find a drill bit and new door bell. I try really hard to use Lowes as opposed to their competitor as the folks at this store are very helpful and knowledgeable. The main competitor in Katy is neither of those two in my opinion.

I carried my camera with me as I have started to write blogs on a regular basis to my Active Rain(AR) blog account  or www.activerain.com and copy the post to my web site blog ( www.thekatytexasblog.com) . In addition, I finally figured out why I could not get pictures to post correctly in AR (help from several AR members corrected the issues) blogs. I also found that my picture library of ordinary items is very slim and that many Internet sites charge cash money for pictures. Thus I have started to carry this darn camera everywhere I go. I have seen a few folks giving me very strange looks when they see me taking certain pictures

As I was walking out of Lowes, I stopped, took out my trusty camera and snapped a picture of the store as I had and still have another different idea for a blog that I want to write involving Lowes than this one.

To my right side a lady pushing a shopping cart stopped looked at me, shook her head and said in the most sarcastic and nasty tone to me:

Well, I always stop and take pictures of stores I just came out of”.

For a brief moment I was sort of speechless as i could not believe she said this to me and then I said back to her in a calm voice with a slight laugh:

“ I am a local real estate agent, I write a blog and I have a web site.. I try to take certain pictures around Katy”.

She immediately stopped moving again and her face turned a bright red color and she responded:

“ Oh great now you can write a blog about the crazy lady at Lowes who was harassing you”.  

I tried to answer with something about how I have to pay for pictures I take from the Internet but stopped saying anything when I realized she had no clue what I was talking about. I had only one thought left to be sort of a smart ass and I said to her:

“The rain made do it!!! The rain made me do it!!!”

I jumped into my car and drove off and she was still standing by her SUV loading it with her junk and she had a total lost expression on her face..

If you see some guy driving around Katy or Sugar Land or Cypress stopping and taking various random pictures it might be me and not some total nut job. Have some courtesy and some taste and say hello or else you might get the:  

“ The Rain Made Me Do It”

Statement from me...

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Published Wednesday, June 15, 2011 3:15 PM by Bob Gilbert

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