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This is the second blog in my series of covering Katy Seven Lakes JV A Football Team. As I said in my first article. JV Football Teams get no publicity, coverage and as you will see later it seems no one really cares other than the players and parents. My goal is to try to write a blog if possible for each game I attend and I hope to go to all of the games but one.

Unfortunately, the Seven Lakes JV A Team lost last Thursday evening September 9, 2010 to Foster which is a close by Lamar Consolidated school. The score was 12-7 and it was a hard fought battle. The Seven Lakes defense played a really good game in spite of the fact as a group these guys were on the field way too long. Foster scored one of their touchdowns on a special teams play ( kickoff return) and their return man showed both excellent speed and the ability to follow his blocks. The winning touchdown came in the 4 TH quarter after the offense turned the ball over fairly deep in the Seven Lakes side of the field. We had one last attempt to score as the defense held Foster on a fourth down play near mid field. The offense came up short even though Seven Lakes did complete one mid range pass to that put them into potential scoring area.

The offense looked very sharp early in the game as it scored after a fairly long sustained drive. A new quarterback I had not seen before was running the team and doing an excellent job. After that the Seven Lakes offense seemed like it got bogged down until almost the end of the game. I said to my wife while we are running the new no huddle offense and trying to throw the West Coast style short passes something is not right. The plays we were calling were to me being repeated in a set pattern. Seven Lakes hired a new offensive Coordinator this year and he brought with him the no huddle spread offense which I think is a great idea. But why were the play calls being repeated over and over again? During  the past several years Seven Lakes, based on my experience, has had a very predictable pattern of calling plays from the Varsity on down and in fact sometimes it has been so bad that several of the Mom's in the stands were correctly announcing a play before it ever happened. Can you image what a decent defensive coordinatorcan do to shut down the other teams offense if he looks at game films and writes down the play selection and situations when there is this predictable pattern to the play calling??? I though this new coordinator would cure this horrible pattern of play calling.  

As I said above the Seven Lakes defense flat out spent way too much time on the field and offense spent way too little as there were way too many 3 and out sequences. The defense just ran out of gas and that is not a criticism of this group. After the game I made some inquiries and it turned out the prior Offensive Coordinator was calling the plays and not the new Coordinator. My wife and I totally independent of one another said " That explains it". We were also told that no really cares about whether the JV wins or not and that is why the old coordinator was back at it again???

This week Septemebr 13 - September 19 all the Seven Lakes Football teams have a bye week. Next week we have Katy on the schedule and Katy once again is one of the bset teams in the whole state... We wish all of our Teams good luck against Katy as we will need it plus a lot more...

Seven Lakes is one of the high schools in the KISD group and is an excellent school by any measure. If you have any questions about Seven Lakes High School, KISD or buying homes in the Katy or surrounding areas contact me at robert.gilbert@garygreene.com or visit us on the web at www.katyhomefinder.com TEAM DEVER...

Published Wednesday, September 15, 2010 4:19 PM by Bob Gilbert

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