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Don't Just Look at Homes...Do an Area Tour First!
Many people move to the Katy area because they are relocating within the city...or are coming here from out of town and have heard we have great schools or have wonderful medical facilities. While this in our opinion is all true, we feel all potential buyers should have an area tour before they begin to look for homes. We know clients want to get started and before making a decision they want to see as many homes as possible. It is prudent to see many homes before making a decision, but it is even more important that the neighborhood or subdivision you choose actually fits the way you choose to live. If, after a tour you decide that the area does not fit your need, we will have saved you a considerable amount of time and we probably will know what area will work for you. Katy is all about subdivisions, amenities, medical options, school options, and great shopping. It is also not for everyone. It fits our family perfectly and is a great place for families with children, seniors, and people who like to use the great options Houston has to offer...without dealing with the hustle and bustle of the big city. (and Houston is HUGE). We enjoy spending as much time as needed with our clients to make sure this is the right choice...and if it isn't we have spent quite a bit of energy familiarizing ourselves with all the areas around the city...so we can usually find the right area for you and we normally will recommend an agent who is expert in that area and has the same passion for service as we do.

Published Thursday, September 27, 2007 10:12 AM by Team Dever

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