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Why is Zoning Such a Big Issue in the Houston Area?

Clients often ask us why Houston (and most of the surrounding areas) does not have zoning. Zoning is when a community decides what and where different types of real estate can exist. In most regions of the country we have defined areas for commercial real estate, residential real estate, retail, etc... In the Houston metro area we allow the market to determine what and where any project can exist. This can cause many problems for home owners.

The lack of zoning does have an upside...the rise of subdivisions and master planned communities. Master planned communities plan everything from what type of residential and commercial real estate can exist, but also what it will look like and how large it can get. When you move into a home in a master planned community you are likely to know what might exist on a piece of property many years before it is actually built.

A bonus a residential real estate buyer gets with subdivisions and master planned communities is they often come with special amenities. In Katy we have many such areas. Cinco Ranch for example has many pools, a golf course, a nature preserve, a Beach Club, and  a water park....all for the exclusive use of Cinco Ranch residents (with the exception of the golf course...Cinco residents get reduced fees).

 We like to take all our buyers on a tour of the area before actually looking at specific homes. We want them to understand why the Houston area built up the way it did...and why, equipped with the knowledge of a good realtor, it may be one of the best areas in the U.S. to live!

Published Saturday, June 16, 2007 10:32 AM by Team Dever

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