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Should You Use a Buyer's Agent When Purchasing New Construction Homes?

We receive many questions, often from relocation buyers from other areas of the U.S. or around the world about  new construction homes. One of the main questions is...Why do I need representation when purchasing new construction?  We understand why people ask this question. They are wondering what value a quality realtor will have during the new home purchasing process.

Building a new home, or buying a new construction inventory home (a new construction home that is at or near completion) can be very rewarding...but for anyone who has ever gone through the process...very confusing and frustrating. We understand that clients do not buy or build homes everyday and do not generally understand the changes in process and building codes that the new construction builder will follow. Buyers tend to get very frustrated with over runs, additional upgrade charges, and mistakes that happen along the way.

About 35% of the clients we represent choose to go with new construction homes. Some build from dirt, some buy a home in some stage of completion, and some will buy a new home that is finished and waiting on its first family to move in! Regardless of the stage the home is in, we as Realtors always have a considerable amount of work to do!

 1. When building from dirt, we need to make sure the client selects a lot that will work best for their family...while also getting them the most potential return on investment when they do decide to sell. The floorplan they choose also needs to work well on the lot they chose. We also need to make sure the lot and house they chose will not be a negative in the neighborhood (like the largest home in the neighborhood, or one that may back to future commercial pad sites).

2. When a home is under construction, we will know the neighborhood affect, but we may be in a position to choose flooring, countertops, paint color, upgrades like cat-5 wiring, and outside upgrades like an outdoor kitchen. Should you use gas or electric in the particular neighborhood? Does this neighborhood support granite and wood floors...or should you stay with less expensive alternatives. As an expert in resale we can help direct you to the best products for maximum investment.

3. When a home is finished and just waiting on a new family, we need to go through the process of home delivery. We should have already determined that the lot is acceptable for future resale, the interior and exterior upgrades level is acceptable, and the builder is reputable based on past experience. We now need to go through the contract negotiations (our clients usually find out we can save them some money here!) the walk through process (usually first and second walk through), and the inspection process ( we strongly recommend an independent inspection to our clients...we know the builder will say they pay for independent inspections...but we find more issues with new construction than resale homes).

4. No matter how the process started it always comes to the conclusion...signing the final papers and becoming a resident of one of our fine areas and subdivisions. We will always attend the closing, go over the HUD statement with you (this is the statement that gives you a breakdown of all charges and what you...and the builder are paying), and help with any final details.

Remember during the purchase of a new home the builder sales person works for the builder, the finance person works for the bank, the insurance person works for the insurance company, the only entity in the transaction who legally owes allegiance to you...and only you...is your realtor! Our agenda is to represent you and we take that very seriously!

Published Saturday, June 9, 2007 11:30 AM by Team Dever

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